Welcome to the Common Order, adventurer!


By signing on to the Common Order of Hirelings, you have chosen a path of service which will prove to be rewarding in wealth and wisdom. Your skills are invaluable to leaders and laypersons throughout this glorious land. A wide range of tasks need to be completed to ensure the safety and success of our people and we are glad that you have generously agreed to lend your time and talent in accomplishing these for the greater good.

How does it work? With the receipt of this scroll, you should have received your standard Adventurer’s Kit. Any other armor, weaponry, or items will need to be provided by yourself. You will receive orders from one of our couriers informing you of the destination and contact for each requested mission. If fare is required, the Common Order will supply enough funds for travel. Often, small teams will be assembled and you will assist one another with your unique offerings of knowledge and ability. Compensation will be paid by the contact for that mission upon completion and divided equally among you with a portion set aside for the Common Order. After completing the mission, a courier will be dispatched to deliver the next mission’s information.

In closing, good luck! And thank you for choosing to join us in a life of adventure!

The Common Order